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Say hello to ERAtech Environmental, Inc.!

Douglas Kohnen President CEO

ERAtech Environmental, Inc. is an environmental, health and safety consulting and training firm based in Kettering, Ohio. ERAtech's professional staff of project managers, environmental risk assessors, geologists, and microbiologists have the technical and practical skills to provide multi-disciplinary consulting services. ERAtech Environmental specializes in mold sampling and analysis, lead-based-paint analysis, asbestos sampling and analysis, environmental training, as well as Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, and other environmental consulting services.

ERAtech was founded in 1989, with the organizational roots of the company reaching back over two generations to 1950. It is a privately held company with ownership by Douglas M. Kohnen, MS, AHES, AHAPD, CMC and President of ERAtech Environmental.

The professionals at ERAtech have extensive experience in environmental, health and safety consulting, and training services as well as incineration facilities, solid waste disposal, recycling, and solvent recycling.

ERAtech Headquarters

The ERAtech team is a dedicated and trusted group of professionals who want to help you with over 100 years of combined experience!

Certifications and Memberships

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Ohio EPA
Indiana DEP
Kentucky DEP

Licensed with Ohio EPA, Indiana DEM, and Kentucky DEP


ERAtech staff include asbestos hazard evaluation specialists certified and licensed in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, so we can cover the  tri-state area. ERAtech also has two Ohio Asbestos Hazard Abatement Project Designers on staff.

Certified Microbial Consultant

ACAC Council Certified


ACAC (formerly known as the American Indoor Air Quality Council) is the ONLY certifying body in the IAQ field to achieve independent third-party accreditation from the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) and from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).


Indoor Air-Quality Association


The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) is dedicated to bringing practitioners together to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems for the benefit of consumers and the public. IAQA is the only IAQ (indoor air-quality) trade organization that connects all parts of the industry to collaborate and grow.  IAQA provides the best education for all parts of the IAQ industry, translating science and standards into practice, properly informing consumers, and bringing critical feedback to industry leaders.


ERAtech is deeply involved in the IAQA , with associates serving on the board of directors and various committees.

BBB Eclipse Integrity

2021 Eclipse Integrity Finalist (BBB)


The Eclipse Integrity Award is presented to a business featuring strong leadership and team members. Their leadership is committed to ethics, building a culture of high character ethics and unifying team members around ethical practices. The team is dedicated to performance management practices, ethical human resource practices and committed to the community as demonstrated by their community service and support of the Better Business Bureau ideals.

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